Treating Vision Symptoms Versus Getting a Cure


Treating Vision SymptomsTreating Vision Symptoms Versus Getting a Cure

This is one of the biggest problems in the field of ophthalmology today. Someone goes to see the eye doctor because of vision problems and they leave with a prescription to get a pair of glasses or contacts.

But you might want to be careful that you don’t automatically think your vision is suddenly cured. Wearing glasses or using contacts only masks the poor vision.

It doesn’t treat it because these are only aids or tools. And in many situations, the treatment can actually do further damage to your vision instead of helping you.

Take glasses for instance. If you’ve ever gone to the eye doctor, you know how fast the doctor flips the dials on the machine and says, “Which one is better? A or B?”

If you’re an adult, you can pretty much figure out what you can and cannot see. You can tell a minute difference in your field of vision while the doctor flips the dials.

However, a child doesn’t have the same quick decision-making ability. As a result, they often can’t tell a difference in vision changes through a machine. So they blurt out whatever they need to say to get the visit over with.

As a result, kids and many adults end up with glasses that are the wrong prescription. This in turn only makes their vision worse. If you get a pair of glasses or contacts where one side is too weak, it forces the other eye to work harder.

It can also throw your balance off-kilter because you’re not seeing everything in tandem the way your vision is meant to work.

If you get a pair of glasses that are too strong, it can cause other physical problems, such as headaches along with blurry vision.

You can experience the same situation with contacts being too weak or too strong.

But having contacts can open up a new set of problems.

Contact lens wearing has been associated with mild to severe eye problems.

Wearing contact lenses can cause your eyes to become irritated and watery. You can also experience light sensitivity. Itching and redness are common.

Making your vision worse can also happen because you can develop blurred vision from the use.

In some cases, pain and swelling can occur. Your eyelid will be tender to the touch and your eye will feel as if it’s bruised.

More serious side effects associated with wearing contact lenses are infections, both short and long term, long-term irritations and abrasions on your corneas.

Most people experience problems with contact lenses because your eyes need a certain amount of oxygen for their health.

Wearing lenses do not allow your eyes to get the amount of oxygen they need so you can develop problems.

And again, wearing contact lenses is a means of treating the symptoms rather than offering a cure like you’d find in Vision Without Glasses.

Treating Vision Symptoms with Laser Surgery

To avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses and in an attempt to cure their vision problems, some people turn to surgery.

One type of surgery is laser surgery. With this procedure, a laser is used to reshape the cornea. How it reshapes the cornea is by removing eye tissue.

The problem with this way of treating poor vision is that it can cause you to lose even more of your ability to see. It can also fail to work.

So you end up with the same vision despite the hassle and expense of the surgery.

Because the surgery is changing the shape of the cornea, this can cause astigmatisms to develop.

Having this procedure can cause additional visual problems such as double vision, blurred vision and even loss of vision.

To top all that off, sometimes the surgery has to be redone because it simply doesn’t take the first time. Most people who do have laser eye surgery done will end up having to have it done again in their lifetime.

The reason, once again, is because this is a form of treatment and not a cure. If you’re looking for a cure for your vision problems, then you need something that offers you a cure rather than a treatment plan.

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