Habits that Affect Vision


Better Eyesight without GlassesDid you know that your lifestyle, as well as your diet, can make your vision poor? There are several habits that affect vision and you may be doing them and they are contributing to your poor eyesight.

The first thing is smoking. The reason that smoking is bad for the eyes is that it affects the body’s circulation. This is one of the reasons why doctors and dentists tell patients not to smoke after surgery.

It impacts and limits the body’s ability to heal itself. Smoking has also been linked to cataract development.

Sun exposure can also affect your vision. Exposure to the sun actually damages your eyes because it can lead to retinal damage.

Habits that Affect VisionThis is why eye doctors always push for patients to wear sunglasses on bright sunny days as well as in the winter where the sun is glaring on the snow.

A favorite pastime among scores of people can cause poor vision. That pastime is swimming in pools or water parks because the water contains chemicals.

These chemicals are dangerous to your eyes and can lead to poor vision, eye-irritation and in some severe cases, even blindness.

Anything you put on your eyes can worsen your vision if it contains something that’s bad for your eyes. The top two culprits in this area are lotions and makeup. These products can contain chemicals that can worsen your vision and can also cause irritation, redness, swelling and even infection.

When your eyes feel itchy, like most people, the first thing you probably want to do is rub your eyes. But not only can this damage your eyes, especially if you have something in them that can scratch the cornea, but it can also make your vision worse.

The reason for this is because when you rub your eyes, you’re increasing the amount of pressure on your eye.

That pressure has the strongest point of impact on your cornea. Too much pressure on the eye can lead to retinal detachment. This is one of the reasons that eye doctors perform those vision pressure tests with the machine that sends a short burst of air puffed directly at your cornea.

So for people who have certain visual problems, eye pressure is already pretty high. By rubbing the eyes, you can actually push that eye pressure into the level that’s extremely unsafe. While once or twice rubbing your eyes doesn’t lead to a problem, a habit of doing so can.

Habits that Affect VisionUsing too many eye drops when your eyes feel tired or dried out can also make you have vision problems. If you must use an eye drop, you want to look for a brand that’s high performance but preservative free. Look for something that’s closer to your natural tears in the makeup of the solution.

You might have heard your doctor warn you about the amount of time you spend on your computer. The reason for this warning is right on target.

Too much time spent at the computer can cause visual damage because when people spend time online, they don’t blink as often as they do when they’re not online.

Not only can habits affect your vision with what you do but what you eat can affect your vision as well.

Your eyes need for your diet to contain foods that are rich in certain vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and E. These vitamins are warriors that will fight against the development of some eye-related diseases that can rob you of your vision.

Foods that contain carotenoids also improve your vision. You’ll find this in green, leafy foods such as spinach. You should also eat plenty of foods that are rich in omega 3. This is what helps your vision to stay clear.

You can find this in fish foods like tuna or salmon and you should eat these foods at least three times a week.

Zinc is another must-have when it comes to helping your vision be strong and healthy.

Without enough zinc in your diet, you might notice that you have trouble seeing when you drive at night and you might even have a problem with serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

The foods that zinc are found in include nuts and meats like chicken and turkey, certain types of seafood. Eggs and yogurt are also good sources of zinc.

Just as there are foods that will help give you clearer, stronger vision, there are also foods that can cause your vision to worsen. These foods are high calorie, high sugar foods.

These foods spike your glucose level and when your glucose level is too high, it can damage your eyes

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Better Eyesight without Glasses