Could Your Eyeglasses Be Hurting Your Eyes?


Could Your Eye Glasses Be Hurting Your EyesCould Your Eyeglasses Be Hurting Your Eyes?

It seems that most people end up wearing glass at some time in their life. A lot of people choose to wear contact lenses with most people opting for glasses. But, could your eyeglasses be hurting your eyes?

In fact, glasses have become somewhat of a fashion statement.

There are so many styles of frames to choose from and they come in different patterns and colors.

Certainly, glasses and contact lenses can help to improve vision. But is it only a temporary fix?

Glasses and contact lenses don’t actually fix the eye problem. They certainly can make you see better but they are only covering up the symptoms of an eye problem.

There are some studies that claim that the problem with glasses is that they teach your eyes some bad habits. In fact, they are not allowing the eyes to do the work they need to do.

With glasses or contact lenses, you become dependent on them and your eyes never get a chance to heal. By teaching your eyes to relax, it is possible for you to stop wearing glasses.

Did you know that the main reason for eye problems is mental stress and strain on your eyes? It is important to find a way to avoid stress so your eyes aren’t strained. There are some new habits you could put in place to help heal your eyesight.

What thing I’ve found is that often the prescription is as perfect as you would like. I spent $600 on a pair of glasses a few years ago and ended up not being able to use them. I couldn’t work on the computer, and reading was a nightmare.

It is important to note that one’s eyes are always changing. Did you know that there are a number of factors that make a difference with your eyesight? These include the weather, the state of your health, your mood, distractions in your life and of course stress.

I’m sure you have noticed that when the weather is bright and sunny so is your mood and as well your eyesight is better. So finding the right prescription is going to be a challenge.

If you go for an eye test on the day that the weather is dark and stormy and you are feeling a little depressed, your vision is going to react to that.

As well if you are in a good mood and the weather is wonderful, your vision is going to react to that too.

As a result, the prescription reflects all of this and you end up with a pair of glasses that isn’t right for you all of the time.

Your Eyeglasses Could Be Hurting Your Eyes

Here is a challenge. Try not wearing your glasses for a few weeks and see what the results are. You may, in fact, be surprised at the results. At first, your vision may be blurry, but it could be that once you start to adjust to a life without glasses, your vision might improve.

You will need to find a time where your stress levels are very low to see if this experiment will work for you. There are a number of relaxation techniques you could try to start having better vision. Certainly, this course can offer those techniques.

So in answer to the question: could your eyeglasses be hurting your eyes, the answer is very likely. Your eyes become lazy as a result of not needing to do as much work.

As well the answer lies in finding a solution to the mental strain you experience and your vision should be much improved.

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Better Eyesight without Glasses