Can Lying Hurt and Damage The Eyes?


Can Lying Hurt and Damage the EyesCan Lying Hurt and Damage the Eyes?

Everyone has a told a lie once or twice. A lie is anything that is not the truth. Taking away a few pounds on your driver’s license, allowing people to believe you are a few years younger, or keeping the whole truth for someone are all lies.

White lies may make us feel better and keep us from hurting others, but the damage is all in the eyes.

Lying hurts and damages the eyes no matter how small the lie may be. Lying puts a strain on the eyes and keeps them from properly working.

For one, you have to make up the lie and then remember all the details so you do not get caught. This extra concentration and strain on the eyes cause damage.

A retinoscope is what the trained professional uses to see who is lying to them. The retinoscope works better than a polygraph test because the eyes do not lie, even if you do. The retinoscope tests for refraction, the eyes’ ability to focus on light. A lie changes how the eyes see and how they react to light.

Someone who lies on a daily basis may actually start to believe their own lies, but the mind still knows the truth. The mind also has a funny way of deciphering its own reality, especially if you have trained yourself to believe your lies.

Now, you may start to hear things you want to hear twisting the truth to fit your own reality. Hearing what you want can cause some serious problems and some major arguments.

Can Straining Hurt and Damage the Eyes?

Can Lying Hurt and Damage the EyesThe strain on the eyes can cause you to lose focus and concentration. Your conversations with other people will not go well because you will be unable to hear what they are really saying. Arguments will be difficult because your mind is unable to handle the truth or it can not take in anything negative.

If you are feeling the strain and misinterpreting what other’s are saying, it is time to step back and regain the focus. Take a few minutes to relax and get your natural thought process back to normal.

If you are strained, you are not giving enough in the conversation and it will seem one-sided to the other person. Step back, relax, and then rejoin the conversation when you can actually give yourself fully and truthfully.

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