Can Better Eyesight Improve Your Memory


Can Better Eyesight Improve Your Memory

Can better eyesight improve your memory? It certainly sounds a little farfetched that better eyesight means a better memory, but studies have shown that in order to keep your memory sharp, you need to maintain your vision. One of the ways to improve your eyesight is through relaxation.

It is important to know that your eyesight goes hand in hand with mental focus and neither does very well in dealing with stress.

When you are more relaxed you tend to remember things much better. In fact, these two pieces rely on each other to work properly.

Better Eyesight May Improve Your Memory

If you want to test the condition of your eyesight, try taking a mental memory exercise. The goal of the exercise is to maintain a visual image in your mind for as long as possible.

You will start with your hand over one of your eyes. Glance quickly at a letter on a page with the other eye. Now, close your eyes and hold the image of the letter in your mind as long as you possibly can.

It is important to count the number of seconds that the image remains in your mind before you lose it to darkness. Write that number down. Next, do the same exercise with the other eye and then compare the results you get.

A pleasant scene for the eye exercise!

After you are finished the exercise you need to relax your eyes and then try the exercise again. The best way to relax your eyes is to close them and concentrate on a pleasant memory. Think of a favorite beach, a favorite person or a lovely sunset. Anything that makes you feel good.

With your eyes closed, focus on the darkness and let go of everything around you.  After you have relaxed for a couple of minutes, try the exercise again.

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The idea here is to see if you get different results. You should be able to hold the image in your mind longer the second time around.

If you can’t, you should probably find some eye relaxing exercises that you can do to remove the amount of eye strain you have going on.

An Exercise For Better Eyesight and Memory

This exercise is to show you that your vision can and does affect your memory. In order to see the image, you need to have your eyesight. The clearer the image you see, the more detail you will be able to recall. The reason for focusing on a positive event is to help your mind relax and to release strain from your eyes.

Here is another exercise you can do to relax your eyes and improve your memory. Try this when you go to bed at night. Lie in your bed and try to focus on some positive things that occurred during your day.

Try to capture as much detail and color as possible. By focusing on a position event, you clear your mind and relax the body. This will give you a much better night’s sleep as well.

So can better eyesight improve your memory? The answer seems to be yes. By removing the amount of strain you have in your eyes, you will not only get to improve your eyesight, you will also improve your memory.

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